Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Décor Comes Ashore

So much gorgeous, coastal chic in the shop right now!
Stop in & see our take on ete 2011 -
There’s something for every nook & cranny of your maison, pied-a-terre, villa or outdoor pavilion/jardin!
We are currently featuring the extraordinary shell artistry of Bonnie Hickman of The Shell Room & her creations are bar none the most opulent works of shell art that you will see out there. Her techniques are a trade secret that truly surpass all others & the sheer beauty of these mother-of- pearl masterpieces take center stage wherever you place them.
Summer is the perfect time to bring out all your prized shells, collected over the years on those long walks along the shore & place them, dome them, feature them in places of honor.
Mother nature never looked so beautiful.
We hope to see you soon.


Gracie's Cottage said...

...simply beach-a-licious!!


ramsam said...

So perfect and just in time for summer! Lovely images!!!

Charlene said...

I'm loosing my ever loving mind over this post... OK! How much is the huge shell in the 9th photo (from 6-19 post)? And the dress in photo #1? And the mirro in the 5th photo of Beach Decor Post? And the curtains in the last photo of the same? I want them all!!!!!! WHY do I live soooooooo far away? But, I am coming out in August. Maybe I could take it home with me then. Charlene