Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stay or Va~cations

Whether you just landed here for a summer vacation or you’ve decided to do a stay-cation in town this year, make it a point to stop in and see all the gorgeous coastal chic we’re highlighting right now to transform your spaces.
We’ve styled both petite niches and entire homes with our opulent seaside décor and this dramatic, South of France look and feel always adds the Wow factor to any maison.
Also, be sure and come by to see our floor to ceiling front windows - they have recently been staged and magnificently transformed by uber-talented designer Deborah Watts who has just come on board with us. The amazing Debbie of Blossoms Vintage Chic, has evolved from award-winning floral designer to stylist extraordinaire with an eye for vintage goods that is unsurpassed. Her unique creations from seashell tussy mussies and shell collage arrangements to mason jar chandeliers overflowing with flowers and birdcages with chandeliers inside are clever, haute and do not last. As she hung her birdcage chandelier in the front window this past week, it was spotted and quickly sold! Mais Oui! Her tufted chaise lounges and settees have all the magic qualities ~ distressed, time-worn woods, dove grey linens and that look we all want!
Come by and meet this rising superstar of the trade - We are so proud to showcase her work in the front window.
Hope to see you soon.


Lisa Farmer Designs said...

Your blog is so enjoyable. Each picture is such a treat for the eyes. I loved the gumball machine, beautiful old shoe last and quill. Thanks again for the lovely time!! Lisa said...

This is great! Love all the pictures of crocheted accessories, do you think if I sigh and say, I wish I could crochet, that one day it will happen?? Great guest post.
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