Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vignettes at 17 ~ Le Celebration!

Merci beaucoup to all who came yesterday to help us celebrate
Vignettes’ 17th anniversary and to each and every one of Vignettes’ dealers who took their spaces to all new levels of amazing tres chic.
Also, a huge thank you to Miss Jenny Doh who was beautiful, gracious and a huge hit. There’s no doubt about it ~ she has star power, not to mention ~ another 10 books in the works! Look for them!
There was vintage glamour which included a 1940 socialite's collection of black velvet evening gowns and couture hats, CHANEL advertising props from the 1980's, beaucoup faded French décor and completely over the top displays everywhere you looked.
And then there was designer Karen Lampard’s tent ~
OH MY! The details! The details!
If you missed it ~ come by soon to see the shop’s transformation.
17 never looked so French!
Enjoy the Show.

I think even Miss Coco herself may have been smiling down,
but I know for sure ~
my Mom was!


Charlene said...

OMG I love it all!!!!!!!!!! Why don't I live closer? Just did a post about my Autumn Decor & showed the beautiful tray I got from you this summer. Are you still looking for more for me? I need MORE!!! Love the one I got. Hope you'll stop by for a visit to see it. HUGS!

Charlene said...

Oh, also... I see you have another fabulous MANNI!!! Are you trying to break me? HUGS!

pink*cherub*moon said...

Fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous! I came over after Christie reported on her visit and she was right! Congrats on a great show! Hugs, Leena