Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cutie Pie!

It just doesn’t get any s w e e t e r than this folks!
Come and meet ~ Les Petit Chefs ~  
led by the adorable ~ Miss Ava Marin,
hand-decorating heart shaped cookies for attendees
at our Valentine Soiree on Saturday, February 11th.
These adorable little chefettes know their way around
le cuisine so don’t let their petitesse fool you!
Icing, frosting, piping, sprinkles? No problem!
Slicing, dicing, flambe-ing? Bring it on.
There’s a whole new, petite-sized, culinary crew in town ~
and they know their way around a chef’s kitchen!
Julia is smiling.

1 comment :

Susan said...

Wow!sounds like I better get there early!!! Before the decorating is over! I can not wait!! Yumm