Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Giving credit ~ Where credit is due.
When we began to navigate thru the early days of the shutdown,
trying to figure out how to keep our head above water and what
exactly we should do, there was one thing that was abundantly clear;
We had two strong allies who would do anything ~ and everything ~
to find a way to help us keep things rolling.
It’s time to profusely thank Tina Resendez @patinapicksatvignettes
and Matt White @jetsetlaboratories
who endlessly gave of their time and energy to, not only narrate the 
live videos on Instagram Stories twice a week, which is a huge hit, 
but also to make every possible effort they could think of ~ 
to help sell everyone’s merchandise while our doors were closed.
These two volunteer, on a daily basis, to do whatever is needed ~ 
to keep business going.
When all is said and done ~ these two made ALL the difference.
It’s an unprecedented time like this that shines a spotlight on the most 
caring, generous and selfless people who genuinely want the best
outcome for all.
Merci Beaucoup Tina and Matt ~
John and I are eternally grateful for you two.

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