Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Soiree: Continued

Part Deux: The Art Of Pastry
Oh, what a beautiful, ruffled-filled world, Robin of Vintage Beach House, created for us for the pastry area & art gallery at our anniversary soiree.
From the ground up, she designed a whimsical, gossamer fairyland & then, the morning of the soiree, single-handedly put it all up & what a glamorous, perfect back-drop it was! Everyone was oohing & ahhing before she had even finished! There aren't many gals, more together, calm or capable of doing anything than our Robin - I can’t think of one thing she can’t do or create. That’s why I always have her on my team.
From there she handed the reins over to our resident design genius extraordinaire, Karen Lampard & the magique was unveiled. Months & months of Karen’s work, this time with her wearing her artist’s beret; Chalk drawings, pastels & watercolors of “The Anatomy of French Pastry” straight from the heart & soul of a modern day Picasso. Her love of drawing & painting & her awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, God-given talent is there in every line, in every brush stroke, every flourish & we all knew we were looking at gallery worthy art. That’s why a hush went over the tent when she did her reveal. Macarons spilling out of Marie Antoinette's hat, gateaux stacked up 12 inches high & that’s only the beginning.
I checked the latest edition of Webster’s Dictionary to see if any new words had been entered this year to describe Karen’s amazing, phenomenal artwork since ‘superlative’ doesn’t begin to cover it & nothing seemed important enough. So, probably the highest compliment was “SOLD OUT” since every single piece she created was eagerly purchased by her throngs of adoring fans. We can only hope there’s more, lots ~ lots more, pouring forth from her & waiting for us to behold.
In the meantime, enjoy the soiree & Karen’s "The Art of Pastry" in pictures.
Author Lynn Sheen could not have been a sweeter person to showcase. We loved having her here & her book, 'The Last Time I Saw Paris' was a huge hit ~ stop by & pick one up for the perfect gift de Noel.
Also Sherry of Glamarella Junk, hot off her recent TV appearance was here with her fabuleux bijoux.
It was quite a day so if you missed it ~ stop by sometime soon…we’re still on a roll!


Robin said...

It was an amazing day!! loved setting up the tent...Karen is so talented , I so love her work.... Thanks Lori for everything.... we love "Vignettes" xoxo

Veronica said...

Bello!! Unos rincones con mucho encanto.