Thursday, October 4, 2012

“Vintage By Nina” is here!

Hot off the presses and now available at Vignettes is the FABULOUS book, Vintage by nina.
One of the most beautiful books on vintage home décor to come along, it was just recently translated from Danish and made available in the U.S. (It’s not even on Amazon!)
Vignettes is currently the only retailer in San Diego to carry this 164 page book brimming over with 300 gorgeous color photographs of faded, muted chic. Every room is shot from the eye of a designer who knows drop dead gorgeous and how to bring it out in every single image.
Faded patinas, distressed neutrals and amazing objets d’art dance together in her magical, gossamer style that’s part fairy tale and 100% vintage and the outcome is pure swoon-worthy. In Nina's world, there's nothing more powerful than subtlety.
Nina Hartmann’s style, love for design and unique decor have made her shop,, one of the most talked about and respected in Scandanavia for the last 8 years.. She is internationally known as one of Sweden’s top designers.
Pick up a copy of this glamorous book and you’ll see why.

Special thanks to Joy Gabler of The Vintage Rabbit
for leading me to this book. Joy is always on top of
everything hot, happening and trending!

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Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

4So Glad you were able to get the book!! It is so perfect for Vignettes Customers!!! Thought of You when I saw it...Knew Vignettes had to have it!!!

Thanks for the shout out!!! Always happy to help!!