Saturday, August 28, 2021

Retro Rides

 First, we fell for the bubbly gal with her amazing joie de vivre

and then we fell ~ for her vehicles ~ 


A fleet of them!!

Little did we know at first, that customer Ariane, who we had so much fun 

with and enjoyed talking to, was co-owner of a family owned business,


the leading vintage vehicle service in Southern California!

A fleet of the most awesome, vintage vehicles for special events,

tours, photo shoots and films!

Now, the good news ~

Retro Rides will be the guest star at Vignettes' 26th anniversary party

on Saturday, September 18th, 

featuring a 1929 Durant, (pictured here) in all it’s glory, in our back lot

for the ultimate photo ops!!

Come, raise a toast to vintage, have your picture taken and,

be prepared to swoon!



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Le Carousel Bar


If you haven’t been to Wolfie’s Carousel Bar

that just opened in Little Italy, with its full size, 

carousel bar that revolves around the bartender every 14 minutes…

You are in for one ~


Featuring French bistro classics, each one a mouth-watering, 

mini masterpiece, and unique craft cocktails (with ice cubes carved 

with Wolfie’s carousel logo, bien sur), this is an unparalleled dining 

and visual experience and gift to our city!

Vignettes is proud to have supplied furnishings, fixtures, lighting, mirrors 

and accessories for this amazing, fete d’accomplia one of a kind, 

Parisian, bar/restaurant/landmark that is truly a must-see destination 

in San Diego!

Vive La Wolfies’s!

2401 Kettner Boulevard

Suite B

Little Italy


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

30 Days and Counting

The 30 day countdown has begun to our
26th anniversary party on Saturday, September 18th.
We hope you can join us to celebrate 
and raise a toast to this milestone.
Extraordinary Vintage ~
Since 1995!


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Endless Summer

Seaside living at it's finest.
Vintage home decor that's
 beautifully weathered and patina-ed for ~
 life on the coast.
Come in and find your hidden treasure.
We're open daily from noon to five,
by the sea, by the sea.
Extraordinary Vintage ~
Since 1995!


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Party Prep

Plans are being made and ideas are being put into the works
for our grand 26th anniversary celebration on September 18th.
We hope you've saved the date and marked your calendars for a
fun day here on the coast.
The forecast is calling for lots of bubbles!