Wednesday, January 23, 2013

50 Shades of Ooh La La!

There is a monumental treat in store for you at our Valentine event on February 9th.
The pavilion, where our guest Kaari Meng of French General will be featured, is being staged by Event Planner Extraordinaire, the amazing, Monique Hemminger!
Monique has unparalleled taste for the finer accoutrements in life and is,
bar none, the Queen of the most over the top, outrageous and drop dead gorgeous props and accessories that have been amassed since
Marie Antoinette remodeled the palace of Versailles!
She has collected over the years ~ fabulous furnishings, lighting, textiles, architectural elements ~ you name it, she stages with it and she now offers her party planning prowess for soirees that need to be
anything but ordinary.
Monique has 24 karat style dipped in gilt, sprinkled with platinum fairy dust, edged in faded satin and all rolled up in white fox ~ with a generous side of rhinestone encrusted adornments, of course! 
When you step inside this French pavilion ~ hold on to your rose colored glasses and prepare to be DAZZLED as you are entering the phenomenal world of haute couture designer and party planner to the stars,
Miss Monique, and her amazingly grand, eye candy-land.
Saturday, February 9th
Noon to 5:00 pm
Meet and Greet/Book-Signing
with Kaari Meng
1:00 to 3:00 pm

A sneak peek into Monique's tent fabuleux coming soon,
in the meantime - enjoy the pink universe of Pinterest...


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Anonymous said...

I can HARDLY wait to see all the beauty! "50 Shades of Over The Top Eye Candy"! Thank you Lori and everyone for all your hard work making these parties so "Ooh La La".....spectacular!! You're the BEST!

Ashley B.