Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magique dans le Jardin

It wasn’t difficult to wile away the hours this past week in the magnificent La Jolla garden that Vignettes was invited to stage for the fifteenth annual Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla.
In a seamless collaboration, our group, Barbara Gray of Cottage White, Karen Lampard of Café Paperie and Robin Mckeirnan of Vintage Beach House, wove our spell in, around and thru nature’s beautiful handiwork, always mindful that Mother Nature had to remain ~ center stage.
We knew what we had to do and we did it. From layering vintage European textiles on old wooden benches and bistro tables, to filling every vintage vessal with lavender to piling up stacks and stacks of antique gardening books to hanging and puddling the perfect Gatsby-esque curtains in the windows to our piece de resistance ~ transforming a potting shed into a gardener’s sanctuary ~ We left no stone unturned!
It was complete when Karen placed her original works of art within the sanctuary; drawings and watercolors of nature, botanical prints and hand-cut butterflies with threads for wings ~ all displayed in and around vintage glass cloches and propped against mossy pots. At that point, Mother Nature smiled.
Enjoy our labor of love

ONLY Barbara could manage to find the perfect
"Secret Garden" iron arbor!


Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

So beautiful!

Barbara said...

I was thrilled that I got to enjoy 2 hours in this delightful fantasy during my volunteer shift on Saturday!! you created a wonderful ambiance in an already heavenly setting!