Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Crème de la Crème!

Two of the most talented, stand-out dealers in all of San Diego, who are major superstars of the trade ~ Jim and Brian of What Mama Had, are coming up on their 8th anniversary at Vignettes and what an amazing duo these two are!
No dealers work harder, dig deeper, uncover more treasures, stay the course, clean, polish, repair, maintain an impeccable reputation or have a more positive attitude and demeanor than these two!
They’ve had a major impact on the shop, not to mention the entire trade with their wealth of knowledge, work ethic, vast inventory (set at the perfect price points) and even more so, because you couldn’t find two nicer people to be around. They prove that nice guys can finish first. Just ask their throngs of fans.
Congrats Jim and Brian and here’s to many more years of success and  
treasure hunting to your heart’s content.
Come by soon and say ‘Hi’ to them.

In other shop news we are happy to announce the return of 
Joy Gabler of The Vintage Rabbit.
Joy’s vast empire of designer fleurs and clever, hand-crafted notions has grown by leaps and bounds and her inventive creations are always a huge draw at shows and here at the shop. Joy always knows what's hot, happening and trending and we are so happy to have the bunny back!

Also, next month we welcome back Gina Balourdas of Lizzy B Vintage. Gina’s handcrafted jewelry created from found objects, ie; typewriters, chandeliers and silverware has skyrocketed into the stratosphere and even landed her on the Martha Stewart show! We are so proud to showcase her unique one-of-a-kind creations. 
Countdown to Claudia Strasser

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Anonymous said...

GIVE a 'big hug' to two of my personal favorites, Jim and Brian!!You described them as they are!
WELCOME back Joy! Will be great to see you and your creations back in Vignettes again! Thanks Lori for all the eye candy pictures!

Ashley B.