Friday, April 26, 2019

Pal O’Mine

Have I mentioned our artist-in-residence, my collaborator, partner in crime, BFF and designer beyond extraordinaire ~ Karen Lampard of Café Paperie, lately?
She’s been bringing in the most fascinating, handcrafted, works of art ~ that never to cease to amaze ~ for almost two decades now.
Not to mention ~ All the fabulous themed events at the shop for the last 15 years have begun and ended with her.
She is a designer, artist, craftsman, seamstress, creator and master of all trades
and on top of that ~ she has the most humble heart and soul on earth.
Her creations, both grand and petite, have to be seen to be believed.
Months before each shop event, we meet, talk, laugh, strategize ~ and then see where our thoughts and dreams will take us. The fun is always in the banter ~
and where it goes from there.
When planning these events ~ we never know when we’ll strike it hot but,
somehow, we always do ~
Usually it’s something she says that triggers the whole theme.
Then I ask, “Can you make a thousand of those?”
She laughs nervously…
What would I do without her?
Come see summer 2019 unveiled ~ thru Karen’s brilliant imagination ~
Saturday, June 1st

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