Saturday, August 28, 2021

Retro Rides

 First, we fell for the bubbly gal with her amazing joie de vivre

and then we fell ~ for her vehicles ~ 


A fleet of them!!

Little did we know at first, that customer Ariane, who we had so much fun 

with and enjoyed talking to, was co-owner of a family owned business,


the leading vintage vehicle service in Southern California!

A fleet of the most awesome, vintage vehicles for special events,

tours, photo shoots and films!

Now, the good news ~

Retro Rides will be the guest star at Vignettes' 26th anniversary party

on Saturday, September 18th, 

featuring a 1929 Durant, (pictured here) in all it’s glory, in our back lot

for the ultimate photo ops!!

Come, raise a toast to vintage, have your picture taken and,

be prepared to swoon!



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